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... Smi)ers information notes 

This page contains links to a series of Smilers Information Notes produced by the author of the Smilers Catalogue in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format and available as downloads. Some of this information appears in the catalogue and some of it is new material. 

If you have information that you would like to share with users of this website we will be happy to include it as an information note in due course and include it in this listing.





SC-N1 80th Birthday Smilers Sheets SC-N16 Beatles Smilers - Let it Be!
SC-N2 Cancer Research Presentation Packs SC-N17 The Bristol Scouts Smilers Story 
SC-N3 Derby Philatelic Society SC-N18 The NARPO Smilers Story  
SC-N4 Basildon Philatelic Society Smilers SC-N19 Elizabeth Hurley Charity Smilers  
SC-N5 Royal Mail Smilers Post-cards SC-N20 Ronan Keating Fathers Day Charity Smilers
SC-N6 Royal Mail Smiler Publicity Material SC-N21 Pearl Lowe, Sarah Ayton and Sophie Ellis-Bexter Mothers Day Charity Smilers  
SC-N7 Honorable Artillery Company SC-N22 Eastbourne "Lifestyle" Eagles Speedways Smilers  
SC-N8 Stanley Gibbons Smilers SC-N23 The Story of Phil Stamp Covers and Smilers sheets  
SC-N9 Purely Magna Personalised Sheets SC-N24 The Basque Children's Smilers - Part 2  
SC-N10 White Ensign Smilers Re-Prints SC-N25 Craig Revel Horwood Charity Smilers  
SC-N11 "A White Mix-Up" SC-N26 A Smiler Stamp for the Queen  
SC-N12 Coil Version of the Union Flag Smilers SC-N27 Up Helly Aa Smilers Covers  
SC-N13 Basque Children's Smilers SC-N28 Game of Thrones Smilers  
SC-N14 Newport and Gwent Philatelic Society SC-N29 Smilers Small Format Varieties
SC-N15 Helena Christensen Charity Smilers SC-N30 Smilers Varieties - B Alan 

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                                    Last updated: November 16, 2019