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Smilers® stamp sheets were first made available to the British public at the International Stamp Show 2000. For the first time the British public could have their own photo-image printed next to a British postage stamp and send it to a friend or relative. Customised mail had arrived! These customised stamp sheets have opened up a whole new area of British stamp collecting and study and is presented here in great detail for the first time.

Since that launch in 2000, the popularity of customised stamp sheets has grown with the British public, many 1000’s of sheets have been ordered by the public using personal images to decorate their mail. Royal Mail has also introduced additional products primarily intended for the philatelist and business user. 

In 2007 Ridgwood Publications published the definitive guide to these stamp sheets Customised Stamp Sheets of Great Britain providing an invaluable collectors guide for all GB stamp sheet collectors and specialists alike providing detailed information on these issues together with a price guide to current market values. 

Now 10 years later over seventy generic stamp sheet designs have been issued to date, featuring a variety of interesting subjects. Over 250 attractive business customised sheets have been produced by a variety of organisations covering a wide range of thematic and business promoting subjects, some with print-runs as low as 100 sheets. The 2nd Edition issued in February 2010 has been completely revamped, updated and expanded to include 10 years of Smilers:

  • Generic Sheets,

  • Customised Stamp Sheets,

  • Business Customised Stamp Sheets,

  • Smilers For Kids Packs

  • Commemorative Stamp Sheets

  • Isle of Man Stamp Sheets

  • Universal Mail Customised Stamps

Over 500 full colour ilustrations, 300+ pages, a guide to market prices and much much more.  

This comprehensive work has been compiled with the help of several of the country’s leading Smilers experts and removes the mystery and myths surrounding this growing area of GB stamp collecting.

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This handy A5 guide is arranged in twelve chapters and Appendicies covering the following:

  • The Smilers Story

  • Generic Smilers sheets

  • Customised Smilers sheets

  • Business Customised stamp sheets

  • Themed Sheets

  • Smilers for Kids Packs

  • Commemorative Stamp Sheets

  • Isle of Man Stamp/label sheets

  • Universal Mail Customised Stamps

  • Smilers Publicity Material

  • Smilers Stamps checklist

  • Smilers Dealers Listing

It includes information on all known stamp sheet varieties and provides detailed issue notes for all Generic and Customised Smilers sheets including:

  • Trials and errors

  • Phosphor changes

  • Perforation varieties

  • Printer variations

  • Rare sheets and formats


270 Business Customised sheets are illustrated in their own section. In addition, over 500 Themed Customised Smilers sheets, produced for the Smilers collectors market by philatelic societies, dealers and individuals alike are listed.

An additional section documents and illustrates ephemera relating to collectable Smilers promotion material and compliments the ‘Smilers Story’

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                                    Last updated: November 16, 2019