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Errata ...


...a catalogue of errors!

Whist we did our best to eliminate mistakes in the Second Edition of our catalogue regrettably we did not eliminate them all, despite our best efforts. 

I am indebted to Peter Bracey who has reviewed the second edition and identified a number of spelling, typographical and reference mistakes that we have noted for future editions. For the pedants amongst us, I list below Peter's full catalogue of errors and corrections identified to date.  If you have spotted any others please do let me know graham@smilers-info.com 

I have to put by hand up and admit to a bewildering omission on my part in the listing of Themed Sheets in Section 5. For some inexplicable reason unknown to me somehow in the compilation of this work I omitted to include a whole page of Themed Sheet listings. Fortunately this page was included in the First Edition so at least if you bought the First Edition you will have this to hand. For those that did not buy the first edition I now provide the whole section as a .pdf file download, covering all sheets TS-001 to TS-399

Download the revised listing of Themed Sheets - updated to July 2010

In the corrections listing that follows: Page references to Section 5 relate to the published version although these will have changed from page 5-17 onwards as a result of the insertion of the missing page 5-17 covering sheets TS-061 to TS-090. To avoid confusion the revised page reference is also included in brackets.



i Second line - Delete "collectors" insert "collectors’"
iii   Second para, third line – Delete "maybe" insert "may be"
ix  11th line description down – "Shinning" should be "Shining"
xiv to xxv Numerous and incorrect page references.  e.g. CS-039a to 039f are on page 3-26 but are shown as on page 3-27. Most are one page out, but there are a couple which are more than that. A revised indexed listing will be available as a download shortly. Apologies!
xxi    BC-163 – "Pauls" should be "Paul’s"
xxv  12th description down - Navel should be Naval
xxii  BC-193 – "60’s" should be "60s"
1-1 Third para, second line – "dependant" should be "dependent"
1-2 First line – "1990’s" should be "1990s"
fifth lines- 70’s, 80’s and 90’s shouldn’t have apostrophes
1-4 Third para, 4th line – artists should be artist’s
1-10 Last line – celebrity’s should be celebrities’
1-11 In 14 instances, "Woman’s" should be "Women’s"
In 6  instances, "Christianson" should be "Christiansen"
1-12 Line 3 – "Woman’s" should be" Women’s". Also in second para line 3 and third para line 2
Line 4 – celebrities should be celebrities’
Line 5 – Mothers should be Mother’s. Also in second para line 3 and third para line 3
1-14 Line 3 – mail should be Mail
Circular Smilers line 5 – closer should be closely
Line 6 – persons should be person’s
Lines 8 and 9 -  kids should be Kids
1-15 Wording below the picture is duplicated
Smilers for Kids Packs line 2 – 12’s should have no apostrophe
Third line from end – 90’s should have no apostrophe
Second line from end – Tallants should be Tallents
2-1 First line – mail should be Mail
Third para, last line – “Hover” should be “Hoover”
2-6 Last para in right-hand column, line 3 – flaw should be flaws
2-8 Second para in left-hand column, line 5 -  printers should be printer’s
Last para, line 5 – Harmer’s should be Harmers
2-13 Known Varieties, line 7 – FDC’s shouldn’t have an apostrophe
2-17 Life’s Special Moments, Issue Notes line 7 – adaption’s should be adaptations
2-18 Line 3 in right-hand column – father should be Father
2-20 Last para, line 3 – definitive’s should be definitives
2-21 Last line in right-hand column – delete "a"
Christmas 2007, Issue Notes, line 3 – Angles should be angels
2-22 I Wrote to Say Issue Notes, line 3 – Moment’s should be Moments
2-23 Beijing Issue Notes line 3 – lateens should be lanterns
line 5 – 2009 should be 2008
2-29 Castles of Wales Issue Notes, line 7 – Caernavfon should be Caernarfon
Line 8 – Cricieth should be Criccieth
3-1 Fourth para, penultimate line – superfluous word ‘for’
3-2 Stamp Show 2000, Issue Notes, line 3 – guilt should be gilt

Themed Sheets para, last line – there is a superfluous bracket at the beginning

3-4 Issue Notes, second para, line 11 – late should be later
Fouth line from end – appears should be appear
3-5 First Day Covers, line 3 – FDC’s should be FDCs
3-6 Issue Notes, line 9 – guilt should be gilt
3-8 Publicity Material, second line – OCASSION should be OCCASIONr
Name in brackets below sheet should be Jordan not Jordon. Also on last line of following para.
3-15 Rule Britannia Issue Notes, line 6 – look should be looks
Line 9 – boarder should be border
3-21 Penultimate para in right-hand column, third line from end – Tallants should be Tallents
3-22 Last para in right-hand column, third line from end – Tallants should be Tallents
3-23 Glorious England, para below Publicity material, line 6 – Tallants should be Tallents
Para at top of right-hand column, line 6 – Tallants should be Tallents
3-24 First Issue Notes, line 4 – Angles should be angels
below Publicity Material in right-hand column, line 6 – Tallants should be Tallents 
3-25 11th line from bottom of page in left-hand column – Tallants should be Tallents 
Issue Notes in right-hand column, lines 3, 6 and 7 – devil’s causeway should be Giant’s Causeway
3-27 Third para, line 5 in left-hand column – Tallants should be Tallents
4-2 Eagle Coaches Issue Notes in left-hand column, line 12 – "the" should be "they".
Last line –  delete ‘a pair’ - not necessary
4-30 Spirit of the 60’s should be 60s
4-49 Last item on page – Definitive’s should be Definitives
4-53 Top line of right-hand column – illustrations’ should be illustrations
Trains of Wales Issue Notes, line 4 – Ten should be ten
5-1 First para, line 5 – there should be their
Final para, line 2 – 60’s should be 60s
5-2 Final para, first line – the word ‘of’ is missing between each and the
5-4 Line 4 on page – the word ‘of’ is missing between each and the
Lines 7 and 8 on page – should be ‘interest seems to have picked up again’
5-6 Second para, line 1 – sheet should be sheets
5-7 Line 3 - CS-013 should be CS-012
Line 5 - CS-025 should be CS-022
Captions to images should read CS-012 and CS-022 not CS-013 and CS-025
References to CS-013 and CS-025 in listings under images should read CS-012 and CS-022
Final para, line 3 – later should be latter     
5-10 Top line – Navel should be Naval
5-13 Second para, Line 1 – or should be of
Line 7 – there seems to be some narrative missing at the end of the sentence
5-14 Third para, line 1 – form should be from
Fourth para, line1 – peek should be peak
Line 5 – in should be to
TS-021 Dec should be Oct 
TS-119 - 40th should be 25th
5-19 (5-20) TS-153, 156 and 158 – Issued year should be 2007
5-20 (5-21)

TS-183 – Turning should be Turing

TS186 – Patudi should be Pataudi
TS191 – Gravney should be Graveney
TS-328 – Segei should be Sergei
5-25 (5-26) TS-352 – Woman’s should be Women’s
5-27 (5-28) TSL-010 – Amundson should be Amundsen
TSL-026 – Easer should be Easter
5-30 (5-31) TSL-117 – Roland should be Ronan

Pictures at top of page – 0122 should be 122 and 041 should be 141

6-2 London Olympics date of issue – 124 July should be 24 July
7-1 Second line on page - 12’s should be 12s
8th line from end – 90’s should be 90s
6th line from end – Tallants should be Tallents
8-1 3rd para, line 3 – Work should be Word
8-3 The Manx Bank, Issue Notes, line 9 – delete ‘of the Isle of Man’ at end of sentence.
8-5 Bank Notes (85p), Issue Notes, line 1 – 854p should be 85p
9-1 First para, final line – Office’s should be Offices
9-7 Buckingham Palace, Issue Notes, line2 – Pall should be Mall
B-3 Penultimate para, line 9 – C-35 should be C-36
C-46 Line 3 on page – dealers should be dealers’
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                                    Last updated: November 16, 2019