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Generic (GS)
Customised  (CS)
Themed (TS)
Business (BC)
Commemorative (CSS)
Smilers Packs (S4K)
Universal Mail (UM)
Isle of Man (IOM)
Jersey Commemorative
Jersey Personalised
Composite Sheets

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This page contains links to our on-line catalogue updates for all new Smilers Sheets and related products issued since the publication of the 2nd Edition of our Smilers Catalogue (February 2010). The Catalogue, together with these on-line updates will ensure you are kept bang up-to-date on all Smilers related issues. Just click on the images below or follow the menu at left.

Generic Sheets
GS prefix

Customised Sheets
CS prefix

Themed Sheets
TS prefix

Business Customised 
BC prefix

Commemorative Sheets
CSS prefix

Smilers (S4K) Packs
S4K prefix

Universal Mail Strips
UM prefix

/PGMW prefix

Isle of Man Stamp Sheets
IoM prefix

  Isle of Man Smilers

Jersey Commemorative 
JCS prefix

Jersey Personalised 
JPS prefix

Composite/Fan Sheets 
CF prefix

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                                    Last updated: July 10, 2020