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The Life and Times of Queen Victoria 

Collection of all six designs in matched numbered series

Here is a great opportunity for you to secure an exciting collection of six new Business Customised Stamp sheets issued on May 6th 2015 as a celebration of the life and times of Queen Victoria.  Six new Business Customised Stamp sheets featuring the new 1st class Penny Black and Two Penny Blue Smilers stamps will be individually issued over an eighteen month period with the first sheet due for release on 6th May 2015, the 175th Anniversary of the introduction of Universal Penny Post in Great Britain.  

You can secure your matched numbered set right now for dispatch shortly after 6th May 2015 in matched numbered sets from a limited printing of 475 sheets per issue.  Don't delay we have secured only a small number of matched sets and can now offer these sheets at £250 per set of six including Special Delivery to the UK, representing a £50 saving on the normal retail price of £300 for the individual sheets (normal retail is £50 per sheet).  Hurry, whilst stocks last.... 



We are able to offer the above collection of six sheets 

for immediate dispatch after 6th May 2015 


including UK Post and packing (Insured Special Delivery)

Payment can be made by Credit Card or PayPal 

Incl. Post + Pack
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