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.... London 2012 Olympic/Paralympic Personalised Stamp sheets

Two different denomination customised Smilers sheet designs were officially released on 27 July 2012, although it is thought they were available from the Olympic Village Post Office a few days before that date. They feature the Olympic and Paralympic stamps issued in January 2012 and in generic sheet format on 27 July 2012.  

The first sheet features 20 x 1st class (60p) Olympic/Paralympic games stamps/labels set against a green background featuring various London landmarks. The second sheet is a similar deign and features the Worldwide 20g letter rate (Ł1.28) stamp,  intended to be sold by Royal Mail in panes of 10 stamps/labels i.e. an A5 sized half sheet with one perforated edge taken from an A4 sheet. However, we offer here an unperformed full A4 pane of these sheets.

Both sheets were printed in Litho on self adhesive format by Cartor with the labels printed digitally using a local PC/printer set up. Stamps have simulated die-cut perforations (with elliptical perfs. to both vertical sides). 

These sheets are perhaps some of the rarest of the GB personalised Smilers sheets we have offered owing to the fact that they were only made available at the postal outlet inside the Olympic Village, intended for Athletes as souvenirs form the games. They were sold in individual red folders with the majority of them having a date stamp of the day of purchase inside the front folder leaf. This has a red smile cut-out very similar to the London 2000 folders.  These sheets are supplied in the distinctive red cut-out folders and are available subject to availability, we cannot re-order these. When they are gone they are gone.

Three different prices for each sheet are offered - UK/Europe/Worldwide - to reflect differing costs for post and packing depending on where you live.  Select the required postage option first from the drop-down menu and then hit button. 

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Self Adhesive Definitive Sized Smilers - Olympic/Paralympic Games

20 x 1st class

2 x 10 x 1st class

Cat Ref: CS-049a

Cat Ref: CS-049b


                                    Last updated: November 16, 2019