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... Wembley Stadium Error Sheet

We have managed to acquire a very few of the rare Wembley Stadium Error sheets and are pleased to be able to offer these at a very special price to Smilers Collectors, but don't wait too long, at this price they will not be around for very long!

Behind every philatelic error there is a philatelic story waiting to get out and this error sheet is no exception. Here is the story as we have been told it from a first-hand source close to the event. As far as we know, this is probably the first time the full story has been told and we have no reason to doubt our source!    

On offer is the "withdrawn" Wembley Stadium Smilers Error sheet which, as you may be aware, contains an error in the bottom label of the second column EMILE instead of EMIL. The error was spotted by Royal Mail before the official release date and Royal Mail duly arranged a re-print of the sheet with the correct spelling. Unfortunately the error was only spotted "at the last minute" by which time the error sheets had already been distributed to Royal Mail key account holders with Smilers standing orders.  Royal Mail issued a recall notice to all key account holders to return the error sheets and they were subsequently supplied with the re-printed sheets. That is all key account holders except NEW YORK who, for some reason did not receive the recall notice. 

We understand New York were supplied with c. 400 sheets and these were spotted by a local dealer who purchasedc. 40 sheets before the Royal Mail recall notice arrived. He in turn sold these on eBay and to dealers in the UK.  A quantity are believed to have been distributed to Smilers collectors in the USA with standing orders and who to this day are probably completely unaware of the error sheet in their collection. The remainder were returned to Royal Mail for destruction.

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                                    Last updated: November 16, 2019