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  • For all enquiries regarding the Smilers Catalogue and/or stamp sheets for sale through this web site please contact: 


    Graham Howard


    Farnham Lane



    GU27 1EU


    or e-mail: Graham Howard  

    You can also Skype me or call on : 07810 153253 


  • For all enquiries regarding the range of Ridgewood Customised Stamp Sheets please contact: 


    John Vincent

    50 Basingbourne Road



    GU52 6TH


    or e-mail: John Vincent or Graham Howard


  • While you are here do meet John the "Smilers Cat"

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Why didn't you call it the Smilers Catalogue?


    • Royal Mail wouldn't let us! We wanted to call it the SmilersCat with the Cheshire Cat from the original Smilers Sheet on the catalogue front cover but RM said no!


  • When was the First Edition of the Smilers Catalogue issued?


    • February 2007


  • When was the Second Edition of the Smilers Catalogue issued?


    • The Second Edition was launched at the Spring STAMPEX event in London on 24th February 2010.


  • What about the next update?


    • Whilst every sheet issued since the Second Edition is listed at this website by way of an Update service for readers of our catalogue, we hope to issue a Third Edition hopefully in time for Spring STAMPEX 2014.

                                    Last updated: January 31, 2017