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.... personalised stamps from around the world

In this section we offer a selection of web links to other postal agencies and related sites around the world that offer similar products to Royal Mail's Customised Stamp Sheets. 

We also plan to add dedicated pages of news and information (all contributions gratefully received) relating to some of these featured personalised stamp sheets - see menu at left! 

However before you try out these links a friendly word of warning.  We have so far identified something like 750 different generic, personalised and business souvenir stamp sheets issued by Australia Post and other private organisation's in Australia alone. The message is clear - Caveat Emptor.

   .... a Hungarian Smiler - looks familiar?

Just click the logo to visit the website.....

Postal Authority Country Branding
Gibraltar YouStamps

Australia Personalised Stamps
New Zealand Personalised Postage
Canada Picture Postage
United Nations Personalised Stamps
Israel My Stamp
France Pleasure Postage
Singapore My Stamp
Malaysia Personalised Stamp
Czech Republic  Stamps with Coupons
Hungary Your Own Stamp
Aland My Stamps
Austria Personalised Stamps
Holland Personalised Postage
Norway Personalised Stamps
Slovakia  Personalised Stamps
Greece Personal Stamp
Taiwan  Personal Stamp
Brazil Selos Personalizados
Belgium My Stamp
Papu New Guinea Personalised Stamps
Ukraine Post Personalised Stamps
Bhutan Post Personalised Stamps
Malta Post Personalised Stamps
Cyprus Post Personal Stamps

Other suggestions gratefully received.....

                                    Last updated: November 16, 2019