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Paralympic Games - GB Gold Medal Winners

Personalised Stamp Sheets

Stamps 1 - 9 Stamps 10 - 25 Stamps 26 - 34

Special Offer - Personalised Paralympic Gold Medal Winners Sheets Collection:  I can offer a set of A4 self adhesive sheets from all six different printers for all GB Paralympic Gold Medal Winners at the price of £990, to include, Smilers leaves, Smilers albums and insured delivery. 

Paralympic Gold Medal Winners Stamp Sheet Collection - what you will receive: The final tally of 34 Gold Medal stamps/winners, translates to 66 A4 self adhesive sheets (to include all 6 different regional printings) for each of 11 different sheets, each containing 8 miniature sheets comprising a total of 16 stamps per sheet. That's  1,056 first class stamps with a current face value of £633. The collection will be supplied in one 2" wide black  4 D-ring binder complete with slipcase with the sheets protected by Royal Mail Smilers pages - one per sheet- including insured Special Delivery to a UK address. Total price  - £1,250.  I can also supply to overseas buyers subject to an additional payment of £50 to cover insured courier charges. I can accept payment in monthly installments over up to three months if preferred.

I know of no other dealer offering this collection.  Please e-mail me to reserve your collection - only 2 compete collections remain

Please e-mail me to reserve your collection. 

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                                    Last updated: January 06, 2020