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Each quarter we do our best to provide you with an update on any Smilers related related information, news snippets and anything else we think you might be interested in!  Full details of all new issues will appear under the New Issues menu option.

Earlier News Reports (e.g. Q4-17) are provided in Adobe Acrobat pdf file format and are generally available during the first couple of weeks following the preceding quarter. Click on this link News Archive to go to the Smilers News Archive page.

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Q2 2018 

  • Themed Smiler Sheet from the BFPS 

    The British Philatelic Society (BFPS) has issued a new Smiler sheet to mark the 100th Anniversary of the RAF but curiously decided not to issue an accompanying souvenir cover.  The move is somewhat strange in that the Society predominately exists in the physical world as a collectible cover service based around a military theme and for some covers the people behind this not-for-profit venture produce Themed Smilers sheets and stamps to accompany these covers and special hand-stamp.  In this case I believe this is the first occasion in which a Smiler Sheet has been produced without the accompanying cover and special hand-stamp. 


    Available from 1st April 2018, I have a small quantity in stock and can supply these sheets for 47.50.00 to UK mainland incl. of p+p. Please e-mail me in t he first instance.  (11/04)

  • Rushstamp Celebration

    Spotted last month on eBay was a Themed Smilers sheet marketed by Rushstamps featuring the Grant Clan on the occasion of their Diamond Jubilee - 60 years in the business, an amazing achievement in this day and age. (11/04)



  • Up Helly Aa Fire Festival - 2018

    Up Helly Aa refers to any of a variety of fire festivals held in Shetland, in Scotland, annually in the middle of winter to mark the end of the Yule season. The festival involves a procession of up to a thousand guizers in Lerwick and considerably lower numbers in the more rural festivals, formed into squads who march through the town or village in a variety of themed costumes.

    Up Helly Aa is a tradition that originated in the 1880s. Since then the festival has been an annual occurrence in the Shetland calendar with few notable exceptions due to the advent of wars and the deaths of notable national figures.

    Since 2006 the festival organisers have issued an annual commemorative stamped cover bearing specially designed and commissioned Smilers stamps and labels with attractively designed labels celebrating the Up Helly Aa tradition. 

    This year was no exception and the following cover was issued following the event at the end of January 2018.  We have a small quantity of these in stock priced 7.50 + 1 p+p. Please drop me an e-mail if interested. (11/04)

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