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Smilers Sheets with blank labels

In some countries (Greece being a good example) personalised stamp sheets are collected by collectors with blank labels.  Over the past few years the odd non-printed Smilers sheet has managed to find its way on to the philatelic market.  Dealers have stated these variously as errors or blanks and I have acquired a small quantity from various sources and have built up sufficient stocks to now be able to offer these to collectors on a first come first served basis. Unless stated these are all in mint condition. For further information click on the images below.
Red White & Blue Sunshine Big Bang Harry Potter
CS-026ab - blank CS-026e - blank CS-030fa - blank CS-034 - blank
Green and Pleasent Land Christmas 2009 - 1st Class offer-0607.htm  
CS-037a - blank CS-040b - blank CS-041b - blank  


                                    Last updated: January 31, 2017