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... Universal Mail Personalised Postage Stamps 

These web-pages feature the personalised postage stamp products of UniversalMail, a relatively new category of personalised postage in the UK since October 2008 which were included in a 2nd edition of the Customised Stamp Sheets of Great Britain Catalogue published in February 2010. Stamp Strips UM01 - UM 22 are described in full in the catalogue and in the Collector's Guide available as an Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) download from this website. 

To view the stamp strips issued since the publication date of the above catalogue please use the menu buttons on the left to navigate to the desired web page or download our handy Collector's Guide in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format. This was last updated in June 2016 and includes all issues to the end of June 2016.

Notes on pricing: When originally issued in October 2008 the UK 10g International postcard rate was 56p making the cost of a strip of 5 stamps 2.80. Since then the prices were increased to 3.10 (62p) from 1 April 2009; to 3.35 (67p) from 1 April 2010; to 3.80 (76p) from 1 April 2011 ; to 4.35 (87p) from 1 April 2012, 4.85 (97p) from 1 April 2014, 5.00 (100p) from 1 April 2015 and 5.25 (105p) from 1 April 2016. Some of the so called bespoke strips produced for the likes of English Heritage and National Trust are only available from those outlets and are priced considerably more than the current postal rate. For these strips, the pricing varies and reflects the higher retail shop prices at the individual outlet.

We carry stocks of some of these strips (some of the earlier strips are now regrettably out of stock) so please enquire by e-mail on availability and cost.  Alternatively, you can download my current price list here for these issues, all offered subject to availability.

In addition to the basic issues illustrated here, some of them have been re-printed with different date codes or designs printed on the reverse.  All these varieties are listed in the Collector's Guide, a copy of which is provided here as a free download (click on underlined link to download your copy) to help collectors and encourage an exchange of information on these issues.

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Initial Stamp production information

Quantity printed of each design: 10,000
Paper: Self adhesive stamp paper weight 196 gms
Printing sheet size: 470 x 640mm
Printing technique: Offset litho in two separate runs:
Press: Mitsubishi offset press -
Offset litho stamp side: CMYK+phosphor
Offset litho reverse side: Black+matt varnish
Perforation and Sombrero-type Euro lock: produced on Heidelberger letter press using 2 die plates
Printed by: Joh. Enschede Security Print , The Netherlands
Date: October 2008

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